Why is LinkedIn better than other social media platforms for business growth?

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When we think about social media, the first few platforms that come to our mind are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but we rarely think of LinkedIn in the vast array of social media platforms available. We often tend to underestimate the power LinkedIn has, over other social media platforms, especially for businesses. Even businesses tend to avoid LinkedIn in the first place and try to build their presence on other social media platforms. They tend to think that it’s better to advertise to real people to sell their products as they are the ones who are going to purchase them. People also think of LinkedIn as a place for professionals, job hunters, and students. But they are missing out on the bigger picture of how advantageous LinkedIn can be for their business.

LinkedIn is much more effective for digital marketing as compared to other social media networks. It provides a great platform for business as well. Since the LinkedIn network is composed of professionals, it establishes a positive environment for marketing and brand building. It can also help businesses with B2B marketing, partnership, networking, presenting business quality, building brand awareness, etc. 

Here are some key points that highlight why LinkedIn is a more effective marketing tool for Business as compared to other social media platforms.

LinkedIn can help you in building your brand

Since LinkedIn is a place where you can showcase your professional assets, past experiences, connect with professionals, and like-minded business people and organizations, it becomes a logical entry point for businesses who want to build their brand. LinkedIn has a wide audience of professional people who are business-oriented, which leads to less sharing of personal posts and more networking opportunities. For example, if your business is looking to partner with other businesses, it will be easier to find them on LinkedIn as compared to Facebook as it helps in avoiding the slogging of personal posts, and more business-related queries and updates.

Help buyers know who you are

It’s important for a business to know their buyers, but it is also important for buyers to know from whom they are buying. Linkedin is a reliable source of information for B2B buyers as it provides the necessary information needed for decision-making. Here is some data that shows why LinkedIn is a great source for B2B selling.

  • 50% use LinkedIn as a source for making purchase decisions.
  • 76% find endorsements from trusted partners and validate the professionalism of the person or company before they do business with that company.
  • LinkedIn provides a broader range of experts than any other platform.

LinkedIn not only helps the buyers but also provides valuable information to sellers and acts as a tool to find and pre-qualify leads. Since cold calling is becoming tougher, it can help in building a reliable database for these sellers in the form of a ready-made market of groups and professional connections. Building trusted relationships is the key for doing business and LinkedIn is the place for it.

LinkedIn provides more business than any other social media

There are more professional uses of LinkedIn than any other social media platform. Like as compared to Facebook where there is more about sharing of social events and other non-work related topics, LinkedIn comes in handy for more work-related and necessary information. Even Twitter which is preferred more for businesses has limitations like limited messaging capabilities and no way for users to search for past information and posts. Similarly for Instagram where it’s more about sharing pictures and videos which limits to a company’s products rather than the entire business making it less informative.

While other social media platforms should not be avoided and can also play a part in an effective social media marketing, LinkedIn outperforms them all when it comes to networking.

Less spam and more networking

We all are familiar with spammers on Facebook and Instagram, but there is an advantage to LinkedIn as most spammers and inappropriate contacts are not welcomed. It’s more focused on business-related themes and topics and less on other irrelevant content that fuels the feed of other social networks. LinkedIn is also a lead magnet for businesses driving 80% of all social media leads as compared to other platforms which account for only 19.67%. There is also a survey conducted by a content marketing institute which concluded that over 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing purposes and 78% agree that LinkedIn is the most effective content marketing tool.

Considering all the social media platforms available, it’s not wise to avoid them but focusing more on LinkedIn for social media marketing can work wonders for your business. From discovering new supply chain contracts, business talents, nurturing leads, etc. LinkedIn provides all the tools and contact information readily available for all your business networking needs.

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