Revealing top Digital Marketing agencies in Mumbai & Pune

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Digital Marketing services have taken over traditional marketing over a decade if not more. It is easy to go Digital in this era. The challenging part lands which agency to hire for best outcomes & performance. Many digital marketing agencies are emerging and claiming to be the best in the industry. Every digital marketing company is different. Choose an agency having experience similar to your business & industry vertical. Here are a few tips that can ensure to match your expectations.

Online reviews of the agency from Google or any authentic site is the most promising and effective method to find out about the agency and its worthiness. Other than online reviews, a list of the clients & testimonials on the agency’s website can be referred. It’s crucial to look into these credentials before taking the decision of hiring a digital marketing agency. Another aspect to look into is your budget to hire an agency. Most digital marketing companies in Pune & Mumbai offer SEO, Social media marketing, website design & development. lead generation, email marketing, content marketing, Digital PR services.

New marketing trends and tactics are popping up every now and then. So hiring a digital marketing is a good option to stay updated with the newest marketing trends, communicative on social media, good ranking on search engines among many more benefits.

We have listed the top digital marketing agencies in Pune & Mumbai for your convenience. 

Brand Witty, Mumbai             

Brandwitty is a digital marketing agency providing performance services and access to diverse media platforms.

Services: Lead Generation Campaign, Native Advertising, SEM, SEO, SMM, Website Development

Clients: Clear Trip, Nahar Group, Rohan Builders, Signature Smiles, TRYO  


Digi Chefs, Mumbai

A digital marketing agency offering customized marketing solutions to meet your business goals. Services: SEO, SMM, Design & Branding, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing

Clients:  Cruise me out, Moon Rabbit, Happa, Everest Travels, Life Force, Diamond Park


Brandup Digital Marketing Services, Pune

Brandup is a top digital transformation and branding company in Pune, India. The company has a proven track record of delivering results for over 200 clients in a span of seven years. Its highly qualified and experienced digital marketing resources, leverage the right digital tools and technologies to help brands ramp up their digital presence, increase brand footfall, and derive value through enhanced rankings, web traffic, leads and conversions.

Services: SEO, Social Media Marketing, Startups Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Branding, Website design & development, app development, B2B & B2C Marketing.

Clients: MIT, Vita Farms, Tanishq, Tairaa Sarees, ReDemi Spa, Cream Stone, Cocoon Hotel, Acme, PIBM


Skovian, Pune

Skovian Ventures is a new-age digital marketing and website development company. 

Services: SEO, social media management, web design, web hosting & content marketing services 

Clients: Yoga Bar, Simply Delicious, Mega Properties, VTP, Land Rover


I Knowledge Factory,Pune

We are a digital marketing company in India helping companies dominate the digital landscape.

Services: SEO, Content Marketing, Paid search, SMM, Web analytics, Email Marketing

Clients: Praj, Safari Kids, Koel Care, Mind Gate, peppermint, Mothers Recipe


Fruit Bowl Digital, Mumbai  

FruitBowl Digital is a full-service Interactive media agency.

Services: Social Media, Design, Search Marketing, App Development, Brand Communication.

Clients: Pepperfry, Reliance, Ted, Ongo, Box8, Curio Cottages 


Bright Brain, Pune

At Bright Brain, we build Digital Marketing solutions to help your business grow through greater brand visibility and improving sales effectiveness through the customer journey.

Services: Digital Advertising, SEO, Website Design and Development, Social Media Marketing

Clients: Taj, Paranjape, Nasher Miles, Cello, KSB, HPS Wellness


Team Brandup Digital wrote this article under the series “Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Pune & Mumbai”. We have covered various industry verticals like healthcare, automotive, FMCG, Manufacturing, Startups till date.

Brandup is the most creative and innovative digital marketing service in Pune. Regardless of the size and magnitude of your business, we bring a bouquet of digital marketing practices to bring incredible business benefits. We make your digital presence impressive and make Google reach faster. 

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